Instructions: how to identify a Tomahawk alarm using a key fob

Tomahawk alarm system has been present on the Russian market for a long time. This is the middle segment of anti-theft systems offering decent quality and good functionality.

Most often, a used car already has an anti-theft system installed. The previous owner can give virtually no information about it. How to find out the name of the alarm system installed on the car?

This can be done without the remote control by reaching the control unit. Boo is often installed in an inaccessible place, and getting to it takes some effort.

The name of the security system can also be determined by the remote control. Let's look at how to find out the Tomahawk alarm model using a key fob below.

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Which Tomahawk is installed on the car?

What kind of whitefish is on the car? There are several ways to determine the name of the anti-theft system using the key fob.

  1. Inspection of the pager. There may still be markings on the back of the switch. It may also be in the battery compartment. After studying it, you will determine the signaling model.
  2. Analysis of the key fob. Disassemble the device. There is information on the printed circuit board or chip that can be used to easily determine the name of the anti-theft device.
  3. Based on the photo of the remote control. Currently, there is a lot of information on this issue on the Internet. By comparing your remote control with the photo on the website, you can determine its model.

If your pager is lost and you need to find out the alarm version to purchase a new device. What to do in this situation? The model of the security system can be determined by the control unit. Find him. Inspect the case carefully for inscriptions.

Tomahawk models

So, let’s look at all the key fobs of Tomahawk’s most common models, highlighting their distinctive features, thanks to which you can easily determine the specific name of the device installed in the car.

Let's present them in the form of a table:

Model nameDistinctive featuresPhoto
Tomahawk X3 Tomahawk X5Characteristic classic design. There are no buttons on the front side, but the Tomahawk inscription is present. On the back there are 4 buttons. The models have the same key fob, but their functionality differs in that the X5 has auto start. Thus, having such a key fob in your hands, you can test the alarm system for the ability to automatically start the engine to finally make sure of the model.

Tomahawk D-700 Tomahawk D-900Easily recognizable keychain shape (see photo). On the front there are two buttons (closer to the antenna) and the Tomahawk inscription below the screen. Models D-700 and D-900 have the same key fob. The older model is equipped with an automatic start function, so to distinguish them from each other, just try to start the car engine from the key fob.

Tomahawk TW-7000The keychain has a classic rectangular shape. The Tomahawk inscription is located on both the back and the front. There are 2 buttons on the front, 4 on the back.

Tomahawk TW-7010The key fob is similar to the one found on the Tomahawk 7000 model, but it differs in the shape of the antenna and the presence of a silver trim.
Tomahawk CL-350 Tomahawk CL-500The alarm system is distinguished by the original shape of the key fob. Another distinguishing feature is the lack of a screen. On the front side there are two buttons and the Tomahawk inscription.

Tomahawk CL-550The key fob of this model is easily recognizable by its shape, lack of a screen and four buttons, two of which are located in the upper corners.

Tomahawk CL-700The key fob has a rectangular shape, at the top of the front part there is a small screen, and above it the company name. There are four buttons at the bottom.

Tomahawk S-700Miniature keychain with rounded corners. There are four buttons on the front. On the back there is a marking with the name of the manufacturer.

Tomahawk Z1First of all, the key fob is distinguished by a large number of buttons. Between them there is a bright inscription with the name of the company.

Tomahawk 9.7 CANSmall minimalistic keychain with 4 keys.

Tomahawk 8.1Almost the entire front part of the key fob is occupied by the display. Below it are two control keys. Above the screen is the Tomahawk signature.

Tomahawk 10.1The key fob is easy to recognize by the large color screen on the front. Above it is an inscription with the name of the company. Below are two control buttons.
Tomahawk 7.1 Tomahawk 9.3 Tomahawk 9.5Keychain of elongated rectangular shape. Equipped with a screen that occupies most of the front side. There are also two buttons and the Tomahawk inscription on it.
Tomahawk 7.2The keychain is similar to the Tomahawk 7.1 model. It differs slightly in body geometry, as well as in larger dimensions.
Tomahawk 9.9The blue body highlights the keychain of this model. Otherwise, it is similar to other samples - two buttons, an inscription and a screen on the front.
Tomahawk g 9000Small black keychain with silver trim. There are no control buttons on the front.
Tomahawk lr 1010It does not have a display; there are four control buttons on the front.
Tomahawk lr950leThe body is rectangular in shape. On the front there are two keys, a screen and an inscription. The back side is blank.
Tomahawk q9Small rectangular black body. On the front there is a small screen and a couple of buttons.
Tomahawk sl 950 Tomahawk tz 7010 Tomahawk tz 9010 Tomahawk tz 9011 Tomahawk tz 9020 Tomahawk tz 9030 Tomahawk tz 9031The key fob can be recognized by its monochrome screen, a small inscription on the left side and two control keys.
Tomahawk tw 4000The key fob does not have a display. Equipped with four control buttons and four LEDs for transmitting information.
Tomahawk tw 9000 Tomahawk tw 9010 Tomahawk tw 9020 Tomahawk tw 9030The key fob body has rounded corners, two keys and a monochrome screen. The antenna is made in the shape of a fin

Tomahawk tw 9100 Tomahawk tw 7100It differs from the key fobs for the Tomahawk tw 9000 in the silver edging of the body and a different antenna shape.

Tomahawk tw 5000It features a display that conveys shades of blue. On the front side, in addition to it, there are four buttons and the Tomahawk inscription.

Tomahawk z3 Tomahawk z5Black body, large screen on the front. The control buttons are located on the right edge. At the top of the screen there is an inscription with the name of the manufacturer.

Photos of additional remote controls

A spare alarm key fob is used if the main one is lost or damaged. The second communicator controls only the main functions: opening and closing doors, opening the trunk. The pager does not have an LCD display. The alarm marking can also be determined by the second key fob. Compare your pager with the photos of the remote controls below and determine the Tomahawk model.

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TZ line

Several products are produced with this marking. At the same time, the main remote controls of the models have a similar design. This is a classic Tomahawk keychain design. The body is made in the shape of a rectangle and painted gray. Around the display there is a black frame and the name of the alarm. In addition, they decided to place 2 control keys on the front panel. All other buttons are located on the side. The antenna of the device is flat, with a streamlined shape. Of this series, the Tomahawk alarm system is more difficult to identify using the key fob.

The differences between the models in this series are in the icons and the purpose of the buttons on the main control panel. In addition, the shape of the additional key fob varies. In devices TZ 7010, 9020 and 9030, the additional remote control is made in the shape of a drop. For the TZ 9010, the manufacturer made it in the form of a rectangle with rounded corners.

Warming up at a given temperature

The tomahawk system includes an under-hood temperature sensor that is used to activate automatic warm-up. Activation of the engine warm-up function based on the temperature value is performed by simultaneously pressing buttons 2 and 3 of the key fob.

When the function is turned on, the headlights will blink and the siren will emit a sound signal, the corresponding icon and the temperature of the automation will be displayed on the remote control display. Auto heating is turned off by pressing the same buttons on the remote control again.

The deactivation of the function is confirmed by double flashing of the headlights and double beeping of the siren, and a melody will play on the pager and the auto warm-up icon will disappear.

Basic functions of car alarms

You will find a detailed description of the main features in the Tomahawk S700 instruction manual (download).

These include:

  • anti-scanner;
  • anti-grabber;
  • blocking the power unit;
  • Feedback;
  • door security, ignition systems. Hood and luggage compartment;
  • emergency deprotection;
  • original PIN code;
  • built-in immobilizer;
  • security with the engine running;
  • setting up for protection in automatic mode;
  • 2-level shock sensor;
  • central locking control when the engine is running;
  • built-in central locking;
  • original parking light relay;
  • LED indicating system status, mounted in the antenna module;
  • two additional channels;
  • interior lighting delay;
  • polite lighting;
  • temperature sensor;
  • protection against false positives;
  • modes “Panic”, “Jack”, “Anti-hijack”, “Silent security”;
  • programmable remote controls;
  • main key fob with LCD display;
  • built-in clock, alarm clock, timer;
  • vibration mode;
  • safe driving;
  • car search (quiet car search);
  • remote opening of the luggage compartment;
  • temperature control of the vehicle interior.

Key fob programming

In order for a new key fob to start working, it must first be programmed (i.e. registered, linked to it). You can do this yourself using the following steps:

  • turn on the ignition;
  • press the valet service button and hold it until the system beeps four times;
  • press simultaneously and hold the KN03 and KN04 buttons on the key fob to be programmed, the end of programming is indicated by a sound signal;
  • check the new key fob to enable any function.

When pairing a new remote control, you must re-program the existing ones, otherwise they will be deleted from memory.

Video instructions on how to register the key fob are presented below.

Tomahawk tw-7000, Operating Manual, I. Basic System Functions


I. Basic functions of the system.

Non-volatile state memory allows the system to retain its state in the event of a temporary power failure.

4. Two-level shock sensor of the latest design. 5. Panic mode. 6. Automatic reset to security mode. 7. Valet mode. 8. Bypass the faulty zone. 9. Protection against false positives. 10. Programmable key fobs. 11. Temperature sensor. 12. “Driver Call” function. 13. Built-in clock (LCD key fob). 14. Built-in timer (LCD key fob). 15. Built-in alarm clock (LCD key fob). 16. Search for a car. 17. Battery charge level indication. 18. Vibration alert (LCD key fob). 19. Two additional control channels (programmable). 20. Security mode with the engine running. 21. Disabling the siren from the unit. 22. Programmable impulse of the central locking. 23. Temporarily disabling the shock sensor and additional sensor. 24. Two-step disabling of the security system. 25. Possibility of connecting an additional sensor. 26. Interior lighting delay accounting function. 27. Remote trunk opening (optional). 28. Engine blocking (programmable NC/NO). 29. Built-in parking light relay (two channels). 30. Built-in central locking. 31. Control of the LCD key fob coverage area. 32. Central locking control when the engine is running. 33. Built-in immobilizer. 34. Energy saving mode (LCD key fob). 35. Graphic indication of all triggers and system status on

key fob with LCD display.

36. Courteous backlight function (optional). 37. Anti-Hijack mode - protection against robbery (activated from the key fob). 38. Special Anti-Hijack function (turned on by a special toggle switch). 39. Individual PIN code. 40. Memory of system activation. 41. Warning function about an open door while driving. 42. Increased range of LCD key fob up to 1200m. (depends on

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43. Possibility of connecting a standard horn (programmed)

Recognition methods

To determine which alarm system is installed in the car, you can remove part of the dashboard and look at the inscription on its main block. Almost all car alarms are marked in this way. However, this method is quite complicated. You can also contact any nearest car service center. The local employees can easily determine the alarm model and tell you. But you will have to pay for their work. The easiest and most optimal method for determining the make and model of a car alarm is an external inspection of the key fob that comes with it.

You can understand that a Tomahawk alarm is installed in the car by the easily recognizable logo on the keychain, made in the form of a schematic profile of an Indian. It is more difficult to find out the alarm model by key fob; to do this, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Presence of inscriptions and markings. They may be located on the back of the key fob, and for some models - in the battery compartment. To see the inscriptions you will need to remove the battery.
  • Keychain shape. For different Tomahawk car alarm models, the key fobs differ in shape. Below in this material is a table with photographs, with the help of which you can easily identify the alarm system using the key fob.
  • Antenna locations. Another design difference. Tomahawk key fobs vary in size, shape and antenna location.
  • Nameplates. Many Tomahawk key fobs have special nameplates indicating the car alarm series.
  • Display. When looking at the key fob, it is easiest to identify the car alarm model by the size and type of display.

Based on these distinctive abilities, it is possible not only to divide all key fobs into alarm series, but also to identify a specific model.

Problems with operation

If your alarm system does not work: the key fob does not work, the car engine does not start, then one of the following reasons is possible:

  • the battery is dead - the most common and easily solved problem, just install a new battery in the key fob;
  • incorrect setting of the key fob - perhaps the new key fob was programmed incorrectly and should be reconfigured;
  • there is no connection between the car and the key fob - the car is not within the range of the alarm or in an area of ​​strong radio interference.

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, you should contact a professional service to diagnose the system.

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Connection and setup

Before using the system, an alarm must be installed . This can be done either at the station or independently, in accordance with the instructions and diagram (the connection diagram is always attached to the purchased model along with the instructions).

The connection is described in detail in the instructions, and the main installation steps look like this:

  • choose a location so that it is difficult for an attacker to detect;
  • turn off the on-board power supply;
  • place the electronic unit in the cabin, bring the antenna up;
  • install the siren in the engine compartment with the horn down;
  • install hood and trunk triggers in hard-to-reach waterproof places;
  • Place the shock sensor in the middle of the car.
  • adjust the ignition in accordance with the diagram;
  • connect the remote start connector and the starter interlock relay;
  • connect all connectors to the central unit and configure the battery.

After connecting the alarm, you will need to configure the security system. The necessary functions are configured using the key fob, based on the user instructions. You can customize the following parameters:

  • sensitivity of impact sensors - the sensitivity of tomahawk sensors is divided into 10 levels (initially, from the factory, 4 or 5 are installed), the sensitivity level must be changed slowly, each time checking the force of impact at which the operation will occur;
  • engine auto start parameters – you can configure remote engine start at the desired time, at a given engine temperature or temperature in the car interior.

If any problems arise while setting up the system, you can always return to the factory settings.

Two-way systems

tw9100 lr950 s700 sl950 tz7010 tz9010 tz9030

z1 z3

The anti-theft complex with feedback is equipped with two remote controls: the main one with a screen and an additional one without it. The LCD screen displays all information about the status of the security system. Two-way alarms include: Tomahawk 7.1, 7.2, 8.1, S 700, TZ-7010, etc. You can determine which anti-theft system is on the car from the photo.

Possible faults

Malfunctions that may occur during operation of the key fob:

  1. Incorrect battery installation. If the polarity of the battery is not observed, the power supply to the remote control will be disrupted and the use of the device will be impossible.
  2. The battery is low. In this case, the quality of the signal deteriorates, and the remote control commands are not executed the first time. Open the back cover of the key fob and insert a new battery, observing the polarity.
  3. Oxidation and contamination of the internal elements of the remote control. The key fob body is not sealed and water-permeable, so the accumulation of dust and moisture inside it leads to damage to the contact elements and incorrect operation of the device. To troubleshoot the problem, the remote control must be disassembled and foreign substances removed using a dry cloth or cotton swabs. If cleaning does not help, you need to diagnose the device with a multimeter for damaged contacts and, if any are found, resolder them. To protect the key fob from dirt and moisture, you should purchase a cover.
  4. Unstable operation of the remote control after a fall. A frequent breakdown after the device hits a hard surface is the detachment of the quartz element. It is necessary to disassemble the key fob, visually check the integrity of the component connections and “ring” its contacts with a multimeter to detect an open circuit. The problem of element disconnection is solved by resoldering the contact joints and gluing the quartz to the board using thermal paste.
  5. Buttons sticking. When you press a key, it does not return to its original position in a timely manner, as a result of which a short “click” is recognized by the system as a long one. In this case, you need to wipe the outside of the buttons with an alcohol solution with a cotton swab or an old toothbrush. If such manipulations do not help, then the problem lies in weak or missing electrical circuit contact. This malfunction can be eliminated by replacing the key with a new one.
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