Car alarm Tomahawk TZ-9010: instructions for use

The Tomahawk TZ 9010 manual contains a list of specific options that distinguish the device from competitors’ offerings. The document contains a complete description of the functions and the procedure for connecting and setting up the equipment.

Among the main features, a number of options stand out.

  1. The anti-scanner completely cuts off the possibility of guessing the cipher.
  2. A built-in immobilizer ensures safety in the event of an unauthorized attempt to start the internal combustion engine.
  3. Opening locks is performed in two successive stages.
  4. Availability of 4 channels for connecting key fobs.
  5. The maximum operating range reaches 1.2 km, which is incomparably greater than that of competitors.
  6. Ability to control different locks without affecting others.
  7. The main control module displays an indication of the activated trigger.

The factory packaging contains a complete set of equipment, parts and materials for independent connection and configuration of the unit:

  • main control unit;
  • wiring kit;
  • required sensors;
  • central antenna;
  • sound siren;
  • power plant blocking relay;
  • a complete package of manuals and manuals;
  • warranty card;
  • two transmitters with and without LSD display.

See where the Override button is on the Tomahawk 9010.

Keychain instructions: functions, compatibility

The Tomahawk TZ 90 10 alarm system comes with two pagers.

  1. The main remote control has 5 control keys and is equipped with a liquid crystal display.
  2. Additional key fob - contains one diode for indication and 4 buttons responsible for basic functions.

Communicators operate at a frequency of 434 MHz with a transmitter intensity of 7-10 mW. The parameters ensure stable operation of the device. Also, due to the low power of the emitter, no special permission to use the frequency is required. Action in densely populated areas (metropolises) reaches 100 meters, which is impressive given the abundance of interference.

A negative quality is that both remote controls are programmed using standard FM modulation. The factor implies a possible interception of the impulse, but the anti-grabber system should prevent such a process.

Standard communicators control the basic functions of the anti-theft system.

  1. Enabling and deactivating the security mode when the siren is activated and without.
  2. Disabling the secondary immobilizer. The auxiliary option is a mandatory part of the kit. It can be disabled if desired by the user.
  3. Full control over the locks, regardless of the ignition position and engine operating mode.
  4. Step control of vehicle locking elements.
  5. Possibility of connecting secondary equipment to additional channels.
  6. Setting up and controlling remote start of the power plant. Full calibration takes a lot of time, but is worthwhile.
  7. The presence of a software neutral is preparation for remote starting of the internal combustion engine.
  8. Indication and control of device status.
  9. Display backlight. Available only for version with LSD screen.
  10. Independent control of door locks and cargo compartment lid.
  11. Possibility of searching for a car in a parking space (sending a signal to the horn and dimensions).
  12. Manual programming of head module options.
  13. Remote control of the sensitivity of shock sensor zones.
  14. Remote start of panic and anti-robbery modes.
  15. Remote activation of testing and service procedures.
  16. Calling the vehicle owner.

A wide range of settings and modes ensures full functioning of the alarm system and machine protection. The controls are extremely clear, the icons on the key fob are designed for intuitive perception. However, some elements require decoding. On the service you can see detailed photo instructions on how to use the controls.

It is noteworthy that most Tomahawk alarm designs have interchangeable key fobs. Tomahawk TZ 9010 version remote controls are 99% compatible with the SL-950 modification. Parts from the closest analogues are also conditionally compatible:

  • TW 9000;
  • TV 9010;
  • LR 950;
  • D-700;
  • D 900;
  • S-700.

Note! Available analogues do not provide 100% control over all security system options. To achieve the best results, you need to buy an original key.

Compatibility with models of competing brands is not monitored - as a rule, key fobs operate at different frequencies, which makes it impossible to connect them. For example, a factory device transmits signals over a 433 MHz channel. Another company has a frequency of 456 MHz. Both models will not be able to control each other's anti-theft devices.

Below are instructions for using keychains in photo form.

Installing programs on a new key fob

If there is a need to install programs on a new key fob, you must use a different algorithm of actions. The instructions for using the device contain information on how to set up a new key fob.

For this purpose, the car's ignition is turned on with the engine turned off. Next, press the Override button and hold it until 4 CHIRPS of the siren follow. After this, the key fob button is released.

At the next stage, you need to press the Open trunk button on the alarm. Silent security mode is pressed at the same time. The alarm buttons are held down until the car owner hears 5 CHIRPS of the siren. This will indicate that the tomahawk device has learned the new key fob. When a signal is received from the new key fob to the alarm system, you can safely start using it.

Alarm Tomahawk TZ 9010: instruction manual

The factory manual contains comprehensive information about the installation and use of the equipment. The booklet is printed in Russian and has the following basic information:

  • basic installation sequence;
  • where to place the alarm modules correctly;
  • decoding chips for connecting wiring (what to insert where);
  • connection between automatic and manual transmission;
  • important nuances when choosing the location of the emergency alarm shutdown button;
  • activation of the central locking and control of each element separately;
  • correct calibration of shock sensors;
  • electrical connection diagram;
  • decoding indicators on key fobs;
  • complete operating instructions and mode settings;
  • standard equipment and the ability to power additional modules.

The instructions for use with pictures, which clearly indicate the entire process, can be viewed online with us.

Find out everything about resetting the Tomahawk 9010 alarm system to factory settings.

Programming Features

In order to install the program on the device's key fob, you need to perform a few fairly simple steps. Programming begins with turning on the ignition. In this case, the vehicle engine must be turned off. After this, three buttons are pressed simultaneously:

  • Override;
  • Enabling silent security;
  • Opening the trunk.

After this, programming consists of counting 5 CHIRPS of the siren. Next, you need to release all three key fob buttons and simultaneously press two, except Override. If the algorithm is performed correctly, the vehicle’s turn signals will blink twice.

The instructions for using the device will tell you about further actions. After igniting the turns on the car, you must press the Override button as soon as possible. In some cases, programming involves turning on this button and the ignition switch at the same time.

Vibration mode

The Tomahawk TZ-9010 alarm system has three driver alert positions from the remote control:

  • sound;
  • signal + vibration;
  • only vibration.

Now I'm interested in the option to turn off sound alerts on the key fob. In this position, the pager informs the driver by oscillating. Activation and deactivation of the function occurs manually by pressing the key combination F + the “key” button. After 3 seconds, the required mode is activated and the corresponding indicator appears on the display.

You can return everything to its place in the same way - hold down the F+ key and the system will beep when you turn off the silent mode.

Key fob programming

In accordance with the Tomahawk TZ 9010 operating instructions, the binding procedure is performed as follows:

  1. The ignition is turned on in the car, the power unit must be turned off.
  2. The search for a button to enter service mode is performed. If the alarm was not installed independently, then its location should be clarified by specialists. You can find the key by checking each wire coming from the microprocessor module. One of the conductors is connected to the button in any case (it must be pressed).
  3. The system enters the communicator programming mode. This will be indicated by four siren signals.
  4. Then the service button is released.
  5. On the remote control, press the keys with indicators of an open luggage compartment and a crossed out loudspeaker. If the security system completes programming the device, a signal will sound. Their number depends on the number of the remote control being linked.
  6. To exit the programming menu, you must not take any action for 6 seconds.

Without linking the communicator, using the Tomahawk TZ 9010 car alarm options will be impossible.

Tomahawk TZ-9010 manual: autostart

On the Tomahawk TZ-9010 alarm model, remote start from the key fob is fully implemented. The option is necessary for timely warming up of the internal combustion engine or maintaining its operating temperature. On manual transmissions, appropriate preparation is required before activating the mode.

  1. Start the engine. It is also advisable to warm it up for stable operation.
  2. In the parking lot, move the rocker lever to the neutral position.
  3. Raise the handbrake lever all the way.
  4. Press the “key” key and the corresponding symbol will appear on the display.
  5. Next, you need to turn off the ignition and remove the key from the cylinder.
  6. Get out of the car and close all doors.

Note! Steps 5 and 6 need to be done in less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, the mode will not be activated and the setup will need to be done again.

You can see detailed instructions on how to enable the option in the picture.

Alarm description

The presence of a warning system in the Tomahawk 9010 alarm is possible thanks to the use of a key fob with feedback. The device is equipped with a display that displays information about the condition of the vehicle and its protection. The screen demonstrates the operation of the security mode, as well as the main options.


Description of devices and elements included in the delivery kit of the anti-theft system:

  • the main key fob for controlling the alarm, as well as a spare communicator (the additional device does not come with a screen);
  • microprocessor module, made in a black plastic case;
  • non-autonomous single-tone siren;
  • two-level sensitivity sensor;
  • a controller for determining body tilt, as well as movement, allows you to record jacking and evacuation of the vehicle;
  • two temperature sensors - external and built-in;
  • transceiver equipped with a built-in LED;
  • digital relay;
  • sensor calling the car owner from the passenger compartment;
  • emergency key "Jack";
  • a button to turn on the anti-robbery function, which allows you to timely block the engine in the event of a forcible seizure of the car;
  • limit switch for installation on the hood;
  • output for connecting “limit switches”;
  • wiring kit;
  • a technical manual to ensure proper installation and use of the security system;
  • double-sided tape for attaching the transceiver.

The Tomahawk 9010 alarm package includes one limit switch; other door devices are purchased separately.

Service functions

List of options:

  1. Jack. When this mode is enabled, all functions except Panic are disabled. It is recommended to use it when the car is left for repairs at a service station.
  2. Climate control. If properly connected and configured, the alarm will be able to maintain a certain temperature level in the car interior. Weather conditions outside will not affect this in any way.
  3. Preheating the vehicle engine.
  4. Automatic bypass of a non-working security zone. If one of the controllers fails, the microprocessor unit turns it off.
  5. Impact controller. This option allows you to provide the car owner with data on any physical impacts on the car body. For example, if there was an attempt to break glass or open one of the doors with a master key.
  6. Two-stage security disabling. A single “click” on the communicator button will open the driver’s door. If you press this key twice or hold it, the remaining locks will be disabled.
  7. The communicator display is backlit. Makes it much easier to use.
  8. The self-diagnosis function ensures that all work areas are checked when protection is activated. The alarm tests the tightness of closing all doors and the luggage compartment, as well as the degree to which the side windows are raised all the way.
  9. Confirmation of execution of options through the use of light and sound signals.
  10. Searching for a car in the parking lot. Upon command from the key fob, the car's headlights begin to blink. This makes it much easier to find a vehicle left in a large parking lot.
  11. Automatic control of the communicator's coverage area.
  12. Remote disabling of the sensitivity controller. The consumer has the opportunity to deactivate the sensor completely or only one of its levels.

Security functions

List of anti-theft options:

  1. Anti-scanner. This function ensures that the alarm is blocked if the code is entered incorrectly. The security complex will stop responding to signals.
  2. Anti-grabber. Allows you to prevent interception and copying of codes sent from communicators. Thanks to this, hacking the system is almost impossible.
  3. “Anti-hijack” or “Anti-robbery” function. Makes it possible to block the power unit upon command from the communicator.
  4. The “Panic” option ensures that alarms are activated upon command from the key fob. This triggers the vehicle's headlights as well as the siren.

The AutoAzart channel spoke briefly about the functionality of the Tomahawk TZ 9010 anti-theft complex.


Description of alarm modes:

  1. Anxious. If the system is armed and one of the zones is activated, the siren and vehicle headlights will be activated for 30 seconds. The communicator should emit a melodic signal. Its display will display an indicator in the form of an auto indicating the active zone. If only the shock sensor warning zone is activated, the headlights will blink six times and the siren will sound three times.
  2. Panic. To enable the mode, you must simultaneously press the keys in the form of a locked and unlocked lock on the communicator. The option can be used when the engine is stopped. Activating it will cause the car's headlights to blink three times and the siren to sound briefly.
  3. The “Anti-robbery” mode is launched upon command from the remote control. Activating it will block the operation of the power unit, and the communicator will also reproduce the corresponding signal. An indicator in the form of a crossed out pistol will appear on its screen. To disable the function, the open and locked keys are pressed simultaneously, and control is also possible using a special button. In the latter case, it is clamped and held for 5 seconds.
  4. The “Valet” service mode is activated by simultaneously pressing the keys in the form of a key, a crossed out speaker and an open luggage compartment. The vehicle's lights will flash 4 times and the siren will also sound. The activation of the “Jack” function will be indicated by the appearance of an indicator in the form of the “Zz” symbols on the remote control screen. The communicator will emit a corresponding signal. To disable the function, similar buttons are used.
  5. The “Immobilizer” mode is activated automatically 30 seconds after the ignition system is turned off. When activated, the LED will light without flickering and the power unit will not start. To disable the function, press the security on and off buttons.
  6. Turbo timer. This mode of operation was developed specifically for vehicles equipped with turbocharged power units. If it is turned on, then after turning off the ignition system the engine will continue to idle for a certain time. This will reduce the rapid wear of engine structural elements. The user can independently set the duration of the function - from 1 to 6 minutes.

Keychain alarm

The symbols on the security system key fob allow you to learn about the operation of the alarm system, as well as the operation of protective modes:

Designation of indicators on the display

Description of icons on the communicator screen:

  1. Symbol of activated vibration mode. The remote control's sound notifications are disabled, only vibration works.
  2. The indicator of one of the zones on the car indicates the opening of the door locks, luggage compartment or hood. If the headlights are dark, this indicates they are blinking.
  3. Icon of the enabled power unit warm-up function in accordance with the specified temperature.
  4. Parking brake disabled indicator.
  5. Symbol of a running car engine.
  6. Charge level indicator in the power supply.
  7. Icon of a triggered warning or alarm zone of the sensitivity controller.
  8. The energy saving mode of the key fob is enabled.
  9. Indication of the current time. The rightmost symbol on this line shows the temperature level and its units.
  10. Icon for the enabled daily automatic engine start option.
  11. The alarm function is activated.
  12. On timer icon.
  13. Symbol of a locked or open central lock.
  14. Indication of the connection between the transceiver and the communicator.
  15. Icon of the enabled option to call the car owner from the passenger compartment.
  16. The symbol in the form of a loudspeaker indicates that the security mode or silent protection function has been activated.
  17. Indicator of the enabled “Anti-robbery” option.
  18. Icon of the activated “Valet” service mode.

The description of the communicator keys is shown in the photo:

Main keychain

Additional keychain

In what modes does the diode indicator operate and their meaning?

Flickering LEDs can indicate the operation of the anti-theft system:

  • continuous operation of the light indicates that the remote engine start option is enabled, as well as the power unit is blocked;
  • A single flickering LED indicates that the vehicle is armed;
  • the absence of blinking of the light indicates that the protection mode is disabled;
  • double blinking of the diode element indicates that the daily engine start option is enabled;
  • triple blinking of the LED indicates that the autostart mode of the power unit is activated based on ambient temperature;
  • five flashes of the diode element indicate that the anti-theft system is operating in emergency mode;
  • Four flashes of the light indicate the operation of the daily engine start option based on temperature.

Alarm system Tomahawk TZ 9010: how to set it to warm up according to time

The security system is equipped with the option of automatically warming up the internal combustion engine using a timer. This greatly facilitates the operation of the car when urgent trips are necessary in winter.

With correct programming, the car starts on its own and warms up the engine, then stalls, which allows you to reduce the time it takes to leave the parking lot. The problem of severe overcooling of the internal combustion engine and, as a consequence, antifreeze sticking in severe frosts is also eliminated.

The standard timed autostart setting allows you to set the frequency of engine activation (every 1, 2, 4 or 12 hours). It is also possible to autostart once a day. For example, the driver goes to the parking lot, and meanwhile the car warms up on its own.

The device remembers the command automatically and will perform the first activation immediately after programming is completed. You can see how to correctly set the required mode in the Tomahawk TZ 9010 manual.

Find out about all the Tomahawk 9010 alarm problems.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Great functionality, which includes automatic start options, as well as many alarm modes.
  2. Low price.
  3. Loud siren signal.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. This advantage is ensured by the clear service manual included in the delivery package.
  5. Availability of a display on the communicator to control the system.

According to reviews, the disadvantages of the Tomahawk TZ 9010 are as follows:

  1. The system is subject to scanning. Despite the manufacturer's claims of maximum security, a professional hijacker will be able to intercept the code using a grabber.
  2. Rapid discharge of the power supply in the remote control. If you configure the anti-theft system, the battery runs out quickly.
  3. Low range of the communicator. This parameter is affected by weather conditions, the presence of buildings in the area, as well as electromagnetic interference. The operating range of the key fob can be reduced to several meters.

How to set temperature trigger

Automatic engine warming up at a given temperature allows you to maintain the internal combustion engine in the always-ready mode. The option minimizes the time it takes to leave the parking lot and provides the necessary operating comfort.

To enable the procedure to be activated, an additional sensor is installed under the hood. Otherwise, the device will be guided by the readings of the thermometer inside the cabin, which greatly increases fuel consumption.

Ease of use is due to the ability to set the minimum temperature of the internal combustion engine, which activates automatic heating, and the limit value when the ignition is turned off.

The complete process of enabling the mode and setting parameters can be found in the corresponding section of the factory instructions.

How to check engine temperature

It is not possible to physically see the engine temperature on the Tomahawk TZ 9010 key fob - the option is not provided by the manufacturer. However, if the system is improved, this is possible.

  1. Parallel installation of a temperature sensor on the front hood position limit switch. The procedure increases the risk of false alarms of the security system, so it is rarely practiced. The changing pulse misleads the processor unit, which the latter perceives as a hacking attempt.
  2. Installation of the second element on the alarm antenna line. A more complex sequence that requires experience and knowledge.

To power the thermometer from the transmitter unit, a cable is connected to the second one (to the blue breaker). Then the wire is brought out under the hood and the sensor itself is attached to it. The sensor, in turn, is mounted on the cooling pipe or the internal combustion engine block.

To view, you need to hold down the key marked “open hood” and the temperature of the engine compartment will be displayed in the clock field.

Experienced car enthusiasts recommend installing additional resistance in front of the thermistor to regulate the autostart activation temperature.

Equipment management

You can now easily control the tomahawk device from a distance. If, after purchasing the device, you register the functions performed by the key fob, this will make it possible to control the vehicle without even approaching it.

Thanks to the presence of a special algorithm in the tz device, systems and parts of the car such as the ignition, hood, doors, and trunk are separately protected. If the need arises, it is possible to arm the vehicle in emergency mode. The tomahawk device can block a car's engine from a distance.

Additionally, you can block the vehicle engine by installing a special program.

Removing and arming the vehicle with the 9010 equipment is carried out in a quiet mode, which provides the user with a lot of convenience while driving. The alarm is re-armed automatically.

You can control the central locking when the engine is running thanks to the special function of the tz device. The central locking pulse in the car alarm is programmed, which ensures the most reliable protection of the vehicle.

Autorun doesn't work

Problems with automatic functions are possible with any electronic equipment, and the device described is no exception. The Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm system is not set to autostart for several reasons.

  1. Discharge or wear of the battery. When starting the engine remotely, more starting current is required than during a similar procedure using a key.
  2. Damage to sensors, relays or indicators. For successful operation, the system requires the functionality of all sensors.
  3. Autorun programming was performed incorrectly. The driver himself is to blame here - for the correct functioning of the system, you must strictly adhere to the instructions.
  4. Broken cables and important highways. A short circuit or signal failure may occur.
  5. Oxidation of contacts. The appearance of rust greatly reduces the sensitivity of the on-board circuit.
  6. Software glitch.
  7. One of the blocks is acting up - often a temperature sensor or an activating unit (tachometer, starter, oil pressure).

Problems can only be resolved after diagnosing the device - the main elements are checked:

  • battery charge and condition;
  • terminal connections;
  • wiring;
  • integrity of blocks and sensors.

If all components are working properly, it is recommended to perform a full reset to factory settings.

How to use

The Tomahawk alarm operating instructions contain sections explaining how to control functions using key fobs. The documentation contains tables indicating key combinations and information on programming functions using the remote control.

Starting security mode

To enable the protection mode, you can use a main type key fob or an auxiliary device. When you briefly press the TZ 9010 remote control button, marked with a lock icon (with a closed and open handle), the doors are locked and the security zones are activated.

The owner can connect electric windows to the complex, which will automatically raise the windows when the security system is turned on.

The manual for the complex states that a triple signal from the siren indicates the detection of a faulty zone.

Starting security mode without sound

The programmable mode is activated using the key located with the symbol of the crossed out speaker. After turning on the security, the driver briefly presses the button. The external lighting on the car is activated, and an icon in the form of a crossed out loudspeaker appears on the screen. If unauthorized access is attempted, an alarm mode is activated, accompanied only by flashing hazard warning lamps or side lights.

Disabling security mode

The protection is disabled by pressing the button with the icons of a locked and open lock. After giving a double signal from the lighting equipment and siren, the door locks are unlocked and the blocking of the start circuits is removed. The remote control panel displays a symbol of a lock with an open shackle, and the loudspeaker indicator turns off. On the Tomahawk TW 9020 or 9030 alarm remote control there is a separate button designed to turn off the protection (indicated by an icon in the form of a lock with an open bracket).

Locking and unlocking doors

The alarm allows you to block the locks after starting the power unit. To enable the function, you need to briefly press the button marked with the unlocked and locked icons. To turn off the lock, you will need to press the key again.

Remote engine start

To remotely start the engine using a car alarm, you will need to press the key with the key icon. After a triple signal is given by the siren and external lighting equipment, a start attempt is made. If the car’s engine starts, an icon in the form of a cloud of exhaust gases will be displayed on the display. The power unit operates within the programmed time; the parameter changes when adjusting the central unit. The driver can add operating time by pressing the combination of keys with a key and a locked lock.

Installation instructions for Tomahawk TZ-9010: connection diagram

The schematic diagram of a car alarm contains comprehensive data on the correct connection and placement of the main elements. Here it is written how to correctly place the control unit and power the antenna module. Also how to properly calibrate the engine lock relay.

Thus, the TZ-9010 factory manual allows you not to resort to the help of craftsmen or electricians. The simplest instructions have all the necessary instructions. The detailed manual makes DIY installation a breeze.

From us you can download for free the most complete version of the alarm technical documentation.


User Egor Pomidor provided a brief review of the operation of the Tomahawk TZ 9010 security system in his video.

Do you have any questions? Specialists and readers of the AUTODVIG website will help you ask a question

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Sensitivity Setting

The standard shock sensor is a separate unit connected to the main unit. The two-level system is attached inside the machine using screws or glue.

Important! The accuracy of the sensor operation depends on the reliability of installation.

The device is calibrated to avoid false alarms. Some users “crank” the regulators so that the alarm starts to “squeal” even when a pigeon lands on the roof of the car.

Adjusting the sensitivity of the system is not difficult. To do this you will need to follow a simple sequence of steps.

  1. Attach the block to the body panel.
  2. Completely coarse the sensor - rotate the regulator counterclockwise until it stops (-).
  3. Smoothly tighten the screws (+) while simultaneously tapping the outside of the machine in different places.
  4. When the required result is achieved, calibration must be stopped immediately.

Tomahawk TZ 9010 with auto start: price

The cost of a complete set of equipment differs in different cities. This is justified by the difference in delivery and RRP.

You can most accurately see the spread of numbers in the table.

WhereAverage price, rub
Saint Petersburg5100

Car alarm is buggy

During the operation of the device, there are moments of false alarms or malfunctions that interfere with the motorist. The Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm system is a simple design that is not difficult to maintain. The minimum number of blocks ensures high reliability of the anti-theft system. Therefore, figuring out the reason for refusal or incorrect behavior will not be difficult. If the remote start suddenly disappears or the key fob does not see the car running, you should pay attention to the main elements.

  1. Condition of the antenna and sensors.
  2. The functionality of the battery on the remote control.
  3. Car battery charge.
  4. Integrity of related wiring.

If all components are in working order, you can reset the settings to the factory state.

Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm key fob does not transmit signal

In cases where the Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm does not respond to the key fob, the reasons may be several factors:

  • the main antenna is damaged;
  • The batteries on the remote control are low;
  • there was deformation or impact on the pager body.

When the batteries wear out, it is enough to replace them and the system will work. If there is damage to the remote control or antenna, the entire unit must be replaced.

Additional functions

The equipment is equipped with three additional channels, which ensures ease of use. Comfortable use of the tomahawk device is ensured by taking into account the delay of lighting in the car interior. tz equipment has a polite lighting function, which provides convenience while in the vehicle.

Tomahawk equipment is characterized by the presence of a safe driving function, which allows even an inexperienced driver to operate the vehicle. Thanks to the presence of a special system, when alarms occur, a signal is sent to the car owner in the form of a light or sound signal.

The operation of equipment 9010 is aimed at servicing 16 independent security zones, which guarantees a high degree of vehicle security after its installation. tz equipment is characterized by the presence of an individual dialogue encryption code, which limits the possibility of hacking it.

The 9010 system is characterized by the presence of an innovative base unit and a new key fob, which, compared to its predecessor, operates over a longer distance. If the need arises, it is possible to simultaneously work with two digital buses.

The LED built into the antenna unit does not light up

If the antenna light diode does not work on the Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm system, the reasons may be problems in the element itself or in auxiliary devices.

  1. The diode itself or its resistance has burned out. In this case, it is enough to re-solder the part.
  2. The driver responsible for the display is damaged. Repairs are carried out similarly, with a more complex replacement process.
  3. Internal failure of the control unit.

How to register a key fob

Registering a remote control device means pairing the radio transmitter of the key fob with the receiver located in the processing unit of the complex. The owner of the car registers the remote control, ensuring correct decoding of the encrypted signal. The programming method depends on the model of the security complex.

For example, to enter setup mode on 9020 series devices, you need to press the hidden Override button 7 times. The owner then registers the device by simultaneously pressing buttons with open and locked symbols. The security system informs the owner about the serial number of the remote control by giving sound signals. The alarm memory is designed for 4 remote controls; when you try to write a fifth device, the registers are reset.


Do-it-yourself programming of a new key fob includes the following steps:

  1. After turning off the complex, the ignition support circuit should be activated; the engine does not need to be started.
  2. Find in the depths of the instrument panel the key used to configure the parameters of the complex.
  3. Keep the button pressed until you enter the alarm settings (accompanied by a 4-fold short beep from the siren). The owner then releases the button.
  4. Press the combination of buttons on the remote control (with icons of a silhouette of a car with an open trunk and a crossed out loudspeaker). The keys are held until the siren is activated, which confirms that the remote control code has been entered into the memory of the security complex.
  5. The owner can bind 4 key fobs to the Tomahawk 9010 alarm system, the entry into the memory of each remote control is displayed by the corresponding number of siren signals. All previously programmed devices are automatically deleted after the start of the procedure.

How to program

Programming the Tomahawk TZ 9010 key fob is done by pressing individual keys and button combinations. For example, to reprogram the watch, you will need to hold down the button marked with the letter “T”. To set the parameter, briefly press the button with the silhouette of a car with the trunk lid open and the button with the loudspeaker symbol. To switch between the hour and minute registers, use the “T” button. The owner can program a new alarm or activate a countdown timer.


Linking the control panel is carried out in case of purchasing a new device or problems with signal transmission (de-synchronization). To remove control devices from memory, you need to run the reprogramming algorithm. Then the driver can register a new key fob or reflash standard devices.

Reset to factory settings

The user manual contains a complete description of the procedure for resetting the Tomahawk TZ 9010 alarm. The answer to the question of how to reset the settings is hidden in the booklet supplied in the kit.

The procedure involves a complete rollback of the modules, and all possible failures will be eliminated. You will also need to re-enter all remote controls.

  1. With the ignition on, click the OERRIDE button 10 times in a row.
  2. Remove the key from the lock - the control unit will display the corresponding number of teals.
  3. Then, by analogy, click once on the above button.
  4. Using the key fob, activate and deactivate the alarm from the remote control.
  5. Ignition on/off

After completing the procedure, the system will be completely reset - errors will be eliminated.

Setup instructions

Setting up the remote control includes:

  • linking the communicator to the car;
  • setting up basic functions;
  • preparing an alarm for remote engine start;
  • entering the programming menu;
  • reset.

How to store a key fob in the Tomahawk 9010 memory?

The new communicator needs to be programmed like this:

  1. To flash or register a new remote control, you need to turn on the ignition system; you do not need to start the engine.
  2. The next step is to press the Override alarm service button. The location of the key is usually hidden, so you need to look for it under the dashboard. The button must be pressed until the siren plays several sound signals indicating entry into the firmware menu.
  3. The service button is released, and keys 3 and 4 are pressed on the device. The siren should emit several sound signals upon successful setup. Similarly, you need to record other key fobs on the alarm system of this model.
  4. To exit the programming menu, you do not need to take any action with the remote control for 6 seconds.

It is important to know

If, when programming a new communicator, the car owner did not link the old remote control to the control unit, information about it will be deleted from the module’s memory.

Programming key fob pager functions

Buttons usedExecuted OptionsDescription
Activating the display backlightAutomatic shutdown after 5 seconds.
Enabling the remote control power saving modeThe communicator receiver automatically turns off 2 minutes after disabling the security mode
Enabling sound and vibration modes
HoldEntering the menu for setting clock, timer and alarm settings
Clock setting mode
1 timeSetting the minutes of the clockThe button is used to advance hours or minutes, and held down to scroll quickly.
The key is used to convert hours or minutes back. Similarly, you need to hold it down for faster scrolling.
2 timesEntering the alarm clock settings menu
3 timesActivating the submenu for setting alarm minutes
4 timesMode for activating or disabling the alarm function
5 timesSetting the Timer Clock Settings
6 timesBy pressing the button on the timer six times you can set the minutes
7 timesMode for activating or disabling the timer function
Entering the alarm settings menu
1 timeSetting a timer for 10 minutes
2 timesSetting the timer for 20 minutes
3 timesSetting a timer for 30 minutes
4 timesSetting the timer for 60 minutes
5 timesSetting the timer for 90 minutes
6 timesSetting the timer for 120 minutes

Programming mode

To enter the settings menu, follow these steps:

  1. The ignition is activated in the car, but the engine does not need to be started.
  2. The emergency service button is pressed six times.
  3. The car's ignition is turned off. Upon successful entry into the settings and programming menu, the siren will emit six beeps.

Programming table

Number of clicks on the Override buttonOption DescriptionK1K2K3K4
1Setting the time before the motor stops after a remote start, min.5101520
2Changing the temperature setting in the car interior for remote warming up-5-10-20-30
3Cranking time of the starter device for autostart, ms800120018003000
4Monitoring the functioning of the motor using signalsAccording to the voltage in the car's electrical networkAccording to the engine fluid pressure controllerBy tachometer
5Switching time of the second additional channel0,81030Constant
6Siren sound duration100101520
7IGN2 contact for activating and disabling door locks during remote startThe contact is on, the locks do not lock during autostartThe contact is turned off, the door locks do not closeThe contact is on, the door locks are closed when autostartingContact disabled, door locks automatically
8Delay in turning the starter mechanism before starting the engine for diesel and gasoline cars2101010
9Duration of the central locking and locking signalOpening and closing signal is 0.8sOpening and closing signal is 3.6sSignal for unlocking - 0.8 s, for locking - 2 pulses of 0.8 sThe closing signal is 30 s, the opening signal is 0.8 s
10Two-stage door opening or setting up a third additional channel/immobilizerThird additional channel, immobilizer disabledTwo-stage door opening with motor lock disabledThird additional channel, immobilizer enabledTwo-stage door opening with motor lock enabled
11Safe driving optionDisabledThe door locks do not close and open automatically when the ignition is turned on and off.The doors lock automatically 10 seconds after the ignition is activated and open after it is turned off.The doors lock automatically 30 seconds after the ignition is activated and open after it is turned off.
12Automatic armingDisabledActivated without locking the door locksEnabled with doors closed
13Accounting for lighting delays in the car interior1153045
14Time to activate interior lights/windows upLighting activation for 20 seconds after protection is turned offTurning on the interior lights for 30 seconds after disabling securityLocking windows for 20 seconds after activating the security modeClosing windows 30 s after protection is turned on
15Interior temperature units or engine locking methodCelsius, normally open interlockingFahrenheit, normally closed interlockingCelsius, normally closed interlockingFahrenheit, normally open interlocking
16Turbo timerDisabled1 minute2 minutes3 minutes

How to reset?

To reprogram and disable all functions, follow these steps:

  1. The car owner enters the reprogramming menu; to do this, the service mode button is pressed ten times.
  2. The vehicle's ignition system is turned off. The siren should emit a short beep, after which the Override button is pressed once.
  3. On the key fob you need to press the first button.
  4. The ignition system is turned on and off. If the settings are successfully reset, the alarm will flash five lights.
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