VAZ 2107 doors: adjustment, replacement of handles and locks, installation of a central lock

Regardless of the make of the car, the door is an integral part, but the correct operation of the door mechanisms is no less important. Over time, the door and lock need to be adjusted due to the formation of wear. Otherwise, locking becomes problematic and sometimes even impossible. All work on the door element can be done in a garage with a minimum set of tools.

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  • Door lock VAZ 2107

    The VAZ 2107 door lock is a part that rarely fails. However, over time, this mechanism may need to be repaired, replaced, or adjusted.

    Working principle of the door lock

    The “seven” door lock consists of a locking mechanism, a key cylinder, external and internal handles that allow you to unlock the door from the outside and from the passenger compartment, as well as buttons for locking the car from the inside. The lock is controlled by transmitting force using rods. The main element of the lock is a rotor with a slot. When the door is locked, it goes behind the opening bracket. When the door closes, the bracket presses on the latch, as a result of which the ratchet is activated and the rotor rotates. When part of the bracket enters the rotor slot, thanks to the springs it returns to its original position, thereby pressing the door.

    When the door needs to be opened, the latch flag is pressed, which causes the rotor to rotate through the ratchet and the bracket to release. When you lock the door using a key or a button from the interior, the latch is blocked. As a result, it becomes impossible to open the door. Since there is a rigid connection between the latch and the lock control handles through rods, they also do not work.

    Door lock adjustment

    If the car doors do not close well and there is a gap between the body elements, then first adjust the door, and then the lock itself. To carry out the procedure you will need the following list of tools:

    • 10mm wrench or socket with crank;
    • marker;
    • lubricant

    The adjustment process is performed as follows:

    1. Using a marker, outline the outline of the retainer on the body pillar.
    2. When closing the door with great force, unscrew the fastener and move it outward.
    3. If the door closes normally, but a gap remains, move the lock inside the body.
    4. When the lock is activated, the door should not move vertically. If it rises, we lower the latch, otherwise we perform the opposite actions.

    Video: adjusting door locks on a “classic”

    Sometimes situations arise when the locking mechanism does not work well when unlocking from the passenger compartment, despite the fact that the door opens without difficulty from the outside. To resolve this problem, you will need to adjust the position of the inside door release handle. To do this, loosen the screws securing the handle and move it to a position (selected experimentally) in which the door will close without problems. Afterwards all that remains is to tighten the fasteners.

    The door does not lock

    With the locking element of the doors on a VAZ 2107, such a nuisance can happen when the door does not lock. There are not many reasons for this and they usually lie in the breakdown of one of the elements of the lock (for example, a spring). In addition, water may enter and freeze inside the mechanism during the winter. If a frozen lock can be thawed, then the failed part will have to be replaced or a new locking mechanism installed.

    How to remove a door lock

    To dismantle the door lock on the “seven”, use the same tools as when disassembling the door. The process itself consists of the following steps:

    1. Remove the door trim.
    2. Use a flat-head screwdriver to disconnect the lock power button rod.

    Door lock repair

    If there is a need to repair a “seven” door lock, the procedure usually boils down to lubricating the rubbing parts, adjusting the locking mechanism, and possibly replacing a broken spring or lock cylinder.

    Replacing the larva

    If difficulties arise with locking/unlocking the door using a key on a Zhiguli of the seventh model, you have to replace the lock cylinder. To do this, you will need to remove the decorative door trim, and then follow the step-by-step steps:

    1. Using a flat screwdriver, pry up the lock rod and remove it.

    Design of silent locks

    Silent devices, unlike factory models, have a different operating principle. They have a latch installed, the same as in foreign cars. Closing is quiet and locking the door is effortless. The kit consists of two elements: one is fixed into the door frame, and the second is bolted to the post. When the door closes, the two halves create a single mechanism and interlock.

    Reliability is ensured by a plastic coating. This is what allows the device to operate silently. The device consists of a cylinder, a rod, and a locking button. The lock is designed in such a way that no additional adjustment or cleaning is required. The fixation of individual parts is reliable, so even over time they do not become loose.

    Typical constipation problems and solutions

    The key is inserted with difficulty and not completely

    Defect of the cylinder or lever mechanism. Here you can’t do without a specialist and the appropriate tool. Most likely, you will have to remove the lock (secret).

    Well contamination

    It needs to be washed. It is better to use a “liquid key” (WD-40), which is injected into the lock. Options include machine or vegetable oil, kerosene. This is done several times, and after each filling of the lock with liquid, a key is inserted into it and attempts are made to push it deeper. At the same time, it turns as far as possible until it stops. As a rule, two or three “series” of such operations are enough to clean the canal. In some cases, a needle or wire helps, which can be used to pull out individual fragments.

    Stuck debris

    This happens when trying to hack. If an attacker is scared off by someone, he will try to hide traces of his presence. And so he breaks the master key and leaves. If this is the reason the lock is jammed, then a piece of metal can easily be pushed out from the back side. But only if someone is at home and can open the front door from the inside. It is better not to try to fix this problem yourself from the outside.

    The key won't come out

    As a rule, this indicates that the lock on the door is broken. You should try to remove the key from the well using the recommended lubricants. To prevent this from happening again, you should immediately replace either the entire mechanism or its cylinder.

    Difficulty turning the key

    It is necessary to determine in what cases this is observed.

    • If the mechanism jams in any position of the sash, it should be cleaned; This is the result of dirt.
    • When jamming occurs only when the door is closed, there is deformation of the block or leaf. The problem can be solved by sampling material in the area of ​​the castle, but only if the structure is wooden. As a rule, distortions in the metal frame cannot be eliminated; they will have to be replaced.

    Latch stuck

    This is often an obstacle to opening the door, even if the key is turned all the way. The problem can be solved with the help of any thin and hard object - a knife blade, a metal ruler. Alternatively, for lack of a better option, a plastic card.

    The door leaf needs to be pulled a little away from the jamb by inserting a chisel, large screwdriver or ax into the gap - whatever you can fit. This will make it easier to access the tongue that the selected “tool” clings to. After several attempts, you can press it into the lock, and the sash will swing open. But even in this case, you will have to disassemble the locking device and determine the defect. The most likely cause is a weakened or broken spring mechanism.

    Lock malfunction

    If all of the above methods do not produce results, and the inspection does not reveal any defects in the door and frame itself, then there is only one diagnosis - the locking device is broken.


    As practice shows, due to the lack of contact, you can often observe a situation where the central lock does not close the doors using the key fob. The system seems to be working, but when I press the button nothing happens.

    It's all because of the wiring. It is necessary to carefully check all connections that are related to the alarm system, as well as to the central locking. Even if the contact moves away just a little, this can already cause malfunctions. Do not forget that one of the connections is inside the door - you will have to remove the trim. You should first check the condition of the wire that goes to the motor - it can “stick” to ground.

    There are a lot of questions and discussions related to the operation of the central lock on numerous forums. Sometimes the central locking only closes the driver's door - this is a typical malfunction, the cause of which lies in the wiring and contacts. The fact is that a special activator is installed in the driver's door. It has not two, but five contacts. The activator controls the operation of all locks in the remaining doors. The microswitch inside the activator may also fail.

    If the wiring is connected incorrectly, then this is the answer to the question about the poor operation of the central locking. It is enough to open one control contact, and the system will not work as it should.

    Working principle of the door lock

    The VAZ 2107 door lock has internal teeth; turning the key sets them in motion. When closing, the pins move in such a way that they fall into the grooves and the device is locked. If jamming occurs or difficulty opening/closing the blade occurs, it means that the pins have not completed their path completely. When opening, a decoupling displacement occurs. The teeth during movement create a kind of coding when the key makes a revolution. Failure is most often associated with faulty pins, ice getting into the core of the device or a broken pin.

    If the driver hears a creaking sound when turning the key or jamming, then disassembling the device is required. If the key does not fully enter the keyhole or if the mechanism is damaged, replacement of the cylinder or the entire mechanism is indicated. Wear of internal elements is the most common reason for repairs. To carry out this procedure, you need to purchase a new cylinder or lock, prepare a set of tools and lubricant. After disassembling the device and visually, installing a new element is not always required. Sometimes it is enough to lubricate the pins with silicone.

    Refinement of the base and mechanisms

    It is not enough to replace the larva; you need to make sure that the core is working. To do this, you should set up the mechanism before the door structure is assembled. Recommendations:

    1. A key is inserted to check the operation of the larva. The lock opens and closes several times. If movement is difficult, the pins may need to be lubricated or adjusted.
    2. Special spacers are fixed, which prevent the teeth from deforming or moving to the side.
    3. Sometimes it is necessary to change the spring, which hinders the operation of the system.

    Adjusting the gap and hinges

    Adjusting door locks is within the capabilities of anyone who is able to hold a socket and open-end wrench in their hands, although this procedure requires some time. To begin with, they diagnose the operation of the lock mechanism and inspect the condition of the gaps between body panels, front fenders, pillars and door frames. Unfortunately, those three millimeters of gap, which should be evenly distributed along the entire perimeter of the door, on the VAZ 2107 exist only in the drawings at the design bureau in Tolyatti. In fact, the gap can be from three to seven or more millimeters. Regardless of its size, the main thing is uniformity. If even with the lock removed it is not possible to establish a stable gap, you will have to adjust the hinges.

    This will make the task even more difficult, but there is no other way out. In some cases you have to adjust the loops in pairs, and in some only one, it all depends on the direction of the skew

    When adjusting the gap, you should pay attention to the condition of the seals, since they, as a rule, can greatly influence the location of the door in the opening. When the gaps are set, you need to pay attention to the door contact planes

    In this case, you will also have to play with both the hinges and the seals. Only after this, after lubricating the hinges and eliminating the backlash, can you begin to adjust the lock mechanism itself.

    Vehicle inspection and preparation for work

    Incorrect position of the front door, as well as the rear door, can cause it to not be locked correctly. The adjustment begins with a thorough inspection of the car, which is performed in the following order:

    Door adjustment involves correcting identified deficiencies by slightly shifting the part in the hinges and aligning the lock and its receiving plate. To perform this operation, you will need an impact and regular Phillips screwdriver, a hammer and a “10” open-end wrench.

    Lada 2107 Murena › Logbook › Is the door sagging? Jack, and no washers...

    Even on New Year's Eve, the service center tried to level the sagging door for me by traditionally placing washers under the bottom screws, but in the end I was not satisfied with the result. Firstly, the door was blocked: the top went deep into the interior, the bottom stuck out. Secondly, from inside the cabin from the driver’s seat, through the gap between the front of the door and the pillar, white fluffy New Year’s snow was visible! To lift the door, they had to put two washers with a total thickness of about 2 mm, maybe a little more, plus the blockage of the door and, as a result, a gap! Then, for the winter, I temporarily glued a seal to the edge of the door and firmly decided to redo this mess myself in the summer...

    After looking through a bunch of Internet pages, I came to the conclusion that if there is no play in the hinges (my case), basically everyone uses this collective farm method with washers, and only a few times I came across notes that people jacked up the door... I didn’t see any real explanations anywhere, but still I decided to do this procedure... On a fine sunny day I prepared the tool, took a 3-ton jack from work and started repairing...

    I took out the door opening limiter pin... be careful, our door now opens all the way with the edge on the wing, why scratch the paint again?! Of the five screws, only three were able to be unscrewed; two had to be drilled out... I used a tetrahedral file with a key to remove the drilled screws... The wire in the photo in one of the holes is in case of a rotten cracker frame... Otherwise, I’ve read a lot of horror stories about people’s crackers falling down, they say then you have to cut half the car to get it out...)) But everything turned out to be okay with the breadcrumbs...

    I went through the seats with zinc...

    The bottom of the door inspired a little sadness...

    But on the other hand, for an 11-year-old door, the condition is still quite decent... But the protracted struggle with rust is in another topic, so I’ll continue... For ease of adjustment, I placed the front of the door through a wooden block onto a jack...

    Attention! For those who are planning to repeat the procedure... When adjusting, one screw at the top and one at the bottom has to be periodically tightened and loosened so that it is possible to move the door on the crackers relative to the body... So, do not pull the screws too hard during these manipulations! They are disposable, the cap is wide, it fits tightly into the opening on the hinge... I twisted it a little harder to tighten it, and it came back with the splines breaking off! So I threw out one screw... After aligning the door, we move on to the most interesting part... For convenience, I removed the lock retainer body, only, pay attention, there is also a cracker there!)) Jack under the rear corner of the door through a block and carefully begin to pump...

    My sag was about 4 - 5 mm, I did 3 approaches, let the door hang for 10 minutes in a jacked state... The last time the upper front corner of the door almost came into contact with the wing... It was very scary, I could hear the howling of metal...)))

    In the end, I managed to get the door exactly in line with the back door... The latch is in place, we adjust the closure, and voila!

    Removal and installation of components in the door

    Euro handles for a VAZ 2107 model car, prepared and painted in the desired color, are assembled and tested for functionality. Preparatory work includes the following operations:

    1. Removing door trim.
    2. Removing the handles, locking mechanism and counter part of the lock installed on the rack.
    3. If the car is equipped with central locking, then it is better to remove the solenoids.

    Before installing a new locking mechanism, it is necessary to grind off the plastic housing evenly from the inside. The thickness of the part should be reduced by approximately 5 - 7 mm so that it does not cling to the rack. The work of installing the lock and handle is performed in the following order:

    1. Place the body of the locking device vertically from the outside and mark the attachment points.
    2. Drill holes for the bolts according to the marks.
    3. We combine the parts and connect them together with screws.
    4. We close the doors and check whether there is sufficient clearance between the lock and the pillar. Using chalk, mark the position of the mate.
    5. On the body, according to the mark applied, we install a bolt, for which a through hole is drilled through both walls.

    At the end of this stage of work, we check the functionality of the lock by opening and closing the door several times. Seizing or hitting of parts against each other is not allowed; adjustments are made if necessary.

    External handles and solving problems with them

    Adjusting the VAZ 2107 door locks may be necessary in several cases. The most common is a failure of the locking mechanism. The doors may jam or, conversely, the lock may not close. Door misalignment is also common. Even in the new sevens, this happened quite often, and already seen examples suffer from skewed doors without exception. Another thing is that the owners do not notice this for the time being.

    A skewed door is dangerous because the lock at a certain moment may simply not work or unlock on a bad road. It will also not be news that tired 7 bodies can live their own lives and slowly lose rigidity, which affects the loss of doorway geometry. Since the door is more rigid, it is not going to adapt to the new geometry of the body and the only thing that can save the situation is adjusting the lock if the geometric changes in the opening have not yet reached critical values. But fortunately, this happens extremely rarely and to very inattentive owners.

    You can often see problems with external handles. The design of the handle itself is quite decent, and if it is periodically lubricated with silicone grease, it will work for a long time without wedges or jamming. The rod from the handle to the lock may become loose, and in this case the rod simply bends until the handle begins to fully open the lock.

    By devoting half a day to the procedure for adjusting the door locks of the VAZ 2107, you can forget about door slams and impacts for a long time, the mechanism will work clearly and quietly, the main thing is not to forget to lubricate the mechanisms and rods from time to time. Good luck with all the adjustments and happy travels!

    Regardless of the make of the car, the door is an integral part, but the correct operation of the door mechanisms is no less important. Over time, the door and lock need to be adjusted due to the formation of wear. Otherwise, locking becomes problematic and sometimes even impossible.

    Door handles (external and internal) of the VAZ 2107 are designed to unlock the door. Over time, these parts may fail, which means they need to be replaced.

    External door handles of the VAZ 2107 are left and right, which must be taken into account when purchasing and replacing. In addition, the part can be made of metal or plastic. A metal handle, although more expensive, is much more reliable, which is especially important in winter: you can apply pressure without fear of breaking it if it suddenly freezes.

    Replacing the door handle of a VAZ 2107

    Knock out the limiter fastening pin 3 (Figure 1) and disconnect the limiter from the car body pillar.

    While holding the door in the open position, use an impact screwdriver to remove 2 screws 1 securing hinges 4 of the door to the body pillar.

    The door installation must be done in reverse order. Before final tightening the hinge screws, adjust the gaps between the door and the car body.

    Disassembling the front doors

    Door disassembly is required in case of replacement of parts and assemblies.

    To remove the door trim, you must first remove the decorative plug 2 from the handle attached to the armrest. Under the plug there is a screw that needs to be removed. After this we dismantle the handle.

    Features of adjusting the handle and lock

    The mechanism will be permanently blocked if there is a problem with the lock or hand-held device. Main symptoms and solution to the problem:

    1. The key does not insert well, does not turn, and gets stuck. This fault leads to poor closing, resulting in an incorrect closing. Replacement of the larva is indicated.
    2. The mechanism is blocked. A new lock needs to be installed.
    3. The handle does not open the door the first time. Provision is made for disassembling the device and replacing the latch or fasteners.
    4. Closing occurs with a dull thud. In this case, the locking mechanism of the handle moves towards the lock, the adjustment is shown.

    Principle of operation

    How is the central locking system controlled on the VAZ-2114? The operation algorithm of the central locking system is that a control pulse arrives at a certain point, as a result of which one relay with power contacts is activated. In one case the car is locked, in the other - vice versa. Central locking activators are connected to relay contact 30, and through closed contact 87, ground acts on both outputs of the activator. If one or another relay is triggered, then contact 30 will be connected to the positive, and as a result, temporary voltage will be supplied to the activator, which will set the rod in motion, which will either open or close the door.

    Step-by-step installation

    The installation of silent locks on the VAZ-2107 is carried out in several stages. Using a grinder, remove the flag from the door. Next, the old locking mechanism and rods are removed. However, it is too early to throw away the old lock.

    Using a drill, the lower hole (the one on the left) is drilled out so that the upper bushing of the new mechanism can be placed into it. To do this, a new element is applied from the inside and the approximate diameter is marked with a pencil. After drilling, the irregularities are removed with a file.

    Then the entire mechanism is assembled and put in its original place. If the door does not close, use a round file to enlarge the hole on the right. As a result, the outer part will “sink” and will not rest against the rack. The door will close freely.

    Then the outer part is removed from the lock and the two bushings on it are ground off using the same file. The bushings are located on the side of the mechanism that presses against the door. But you shouldn't remove them completely.

    Using the same file, they grind down the corner on the lock and the caps on the connectors, thanks to which the entire structure is connected. The hats are ground flush. Then the structure is reassembled, and the rods are connected to the door handles. So that the car door can open freely, the place where the rod is attached is turned in the other direction. The rods are also connected on all other doors. Next, all that remains is to check the functionality of the mechanism.

    What you will need to complete the work

    To carry out work on changing handles, you need to stock up on a standard set of tools. The changeover procedure is not particularly difficult, but it will take a lot of time. After all, in order to carry out the replacement work, you will need to remove the door trim, and after that begin the dismantling process.

    In addition to the standard set of tools, you will also need to purchase new mechanisms and cylinders to replace the front door locking device. Let’s take a closer look at what the procedure for removing and installing them on the “seven” is.

    Changing the external handle on a VAZ 2107

    Removing the external door handle on the “seven” is carried out by performing the following manipulations:

    • First, you need to dismantle the door trim from the door on which you need to change the mechanism.
    • Once access to the inside of the door is gained, you will need to disconnect all the rods and drives of the mechanism inside.
    • Now you need to unscrew the two nuts with a 10mm wrench, which secure the device from the inside.
    • After the nuts are unscrewed, you can dismantle the device. In a similar way, both the front and rear mechanisms for opening doors on the VAZ 2107 are removed.
    • After the door handles on the outside are removed, new ones can be installed. Installation is carried out in the reverse order of removal, so there will be no problems.

    When installing new products, we also recommend changing the rubber seal, which should be supplied with the new devices. This seal prevents water from penetrating inside the door.

    Features of replacing the internal handle on the seven

    Now let’s pay attention to the issue of replacing the interior handle on a VAZ 2107. We change the interior door handle on the “seven” in cases where it jams and does not work to open, but more often than not, it simply breaks. The removal process looks like this:

    The removal process looks like this:

    Iron (eternal) door handle

    • Initially, the upholstery is dismantled.
    • To remove the product located inside, you need to use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the two mounting screws.
    • After unscrewing the bolts, the product should be taken inside.
    • A rod is attached to the product, which can be removed only after the handle is removed from the inside of the door.
    • After removing the rod, you must put it on the new device in the same way. For this purpose there is a special fixing rubber insert.
    • A new product with a fixed rod is inserted from the inside, after which it is fixed with the same two screws.
    • Finally, you should install the casing in place and enjoy the work done.

    Replacing the larva

    There is another important element in the front door, which is called the lock cylinder. This is a device through which it is possible to lock the door from the outside with a key, which prevents it from being opened by third parties. The cylinder requires replacement only when it fails or gets stuck when opening, and it is not possible to lock the car.

    On the VAZ 2106 and VAZ 2109 car models, the cylinders are built into the handles themselves, while on the “seven” this product is located below the door opening mechanism, so its replacement is carried out separately.

    To dismantle and change the larva, you will need to perform the following manipulations:

    1. The upholstery and other elements from inside the car door are removed.
    2. It is necessary to disconnect the rod from the cylinder, through which the lock is blocked when the key is turned.
    3. Using pliers you need to remove the locking bracket.
    4. The mechanism itself is removed, together with the seal ring.

    Installation of a new device is carried out in the reverse order of removal. All VAZ-2107 handles are changed in a similar way, and after the change process it is necessary to check their performance.

    The serviceability of the devices in question on a VAZ 2107 car is very important. If the products are faulty, it is quite problematic to get into or out of the car (if the mechanism is jammed from the inside). Many owners know how unreliable the mechanisms in question are in domestic cars. At the first sign of a malfunction, it is necessary to immediately carry out diagnostics and, if necessary, lubricate or replace the part. Often it is not possible to repair (both internal and external) the device, so it is better to immediately buy new ones. As an option, you can install euro handles.

    Doors VAZ 2107

    VAZ 2107 doors are a car part that is designed for entering and exiting the vehicle. In addition, this hinged body element ensures the safety of the driver and passengers by preventing them from falling out while driving. "Seven" is equipped with four doors - two on each side.

    How to remove a door

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to dismantle the door on a VAZ 2107, for example, for repair or replacement. At first glance, it may seem that there should be no difficulties in this event, but in fact the situation is somewhat different. The fact is that it is almost impossible to unscrew the fastener with a regular screwdriver. Therefore, you have to use an impact screwdriver.

    The list of tools may differ and depend on the method of dismantling. The main tools include:

    • impact screwdriver with a bit to fit the screw;
    • hammer.

    Having prepared everything you need, you can start working:

    1. Remove the door stop.
    2. Using an impact screwdriver, we tear off and unscrew the fasteners.

    If you cannot unscrew the fastener using an impact screwdriver, you can try to drill out the head of the screw with a drill of a suitable diameter (6–8 mm), and then use narrow-nose pliers to unscrew the fastener. Another option is possible: a bolt is welded to the head of the screw and using a wrench they try to rip the screw off.

    How to adjust the door

    The door on the VAZ 2107 must be installed level and without distortion relative to the doorway. The gap between the body and the door element should be the same on all sides. However, over time, the door begins to sag, i.e., a misalignment occurs, which is due to wear and tear on the door hinges. If there is play or the gap is set incorrectly, the problem must be corrected by adjustment. Otherwise, the door will close with great force. To carry out adjustment work, you will need the same tools as when dismantling the door.

    Door adjustment consists of two stages:

    • hinge adjustments;
    • lock adjustment.

    To adjust the position of the door element, perform the following steps:

    1. Break off the fastenings of the door hinges with an impact screwdriver.
    2. The door position is set (lowered or raised) in order to correctly adjust the gap between the body and the adjustable part.
    3. Tighten the fasteners.
    4. Check the position of the door.
    5. If necessary, the adjustment is repeated.

    Video: door adjustment using the example of a VAZ 2106

    Disassembling the door

    There are situations when it is necessary to disassemble the door of the “seven”, for example, if the sliding glass, the body is damaged, or if the door itself is repaired. To do this you will need the following tools:

    • screwdrivers (flat, Phillips);
    • key to 10.

    The disassembly process itself boils down to the following steps:

    1. We take out the decorative plugs on the armrest handle, unscrew the fastening screws and remove the handle.

    Door stop

    The door stop of the VAZ 2107 plays the role of a latch, i.e., it prevents it from opening excessively. Over time, the limiter may fail, requiring replacement. For this you will need:

    To dismantle the lock, first remove the door trim. Then perform the following steps:

    1. Using a hammer and a punch, knock out the door stop pin.

    This is a restoration of a VAZ door hinge

    Restoration of play in car door hinges.

    How to properly and quickly restore a car door hinge. And what

    better? Replace. Or will it be limited to replacing the hinge pin? We will find out this question by watching two options (video):

    Replacing the hinge. to carry out such work, first you need. Tool,

    • Semi-automatic welding.
    • Bulgarian.
    • Thin circle on metal.
    • grinding wheel.
    • screwdriver.
    • socket wrench, 17x19.) or 13x14)

    We remove the trim, before removing the trim, first unscrew the door handle, for this

    use a shaped screwdriver). And then we remove the door trim, the next thing we remove is the wiring. And anything that might interfere with access to replace the hinge.

    And then we take a key to unscrew the bolts that fit in size,

    or a screwdriver) why might a question arise? Well, for example, the Lada vases have hinges that are attached to a jack screwdriver.

    Having carefully removed the door, use a grinder to cut off the hinges.

    And we also brew new ones. This is a risky and expensive process.

    Let's sum it up

    Since the problem is quite common, we hope that the material will be more useful for Lada Kalina owners. Now we realized that the rear door handles of the car we reviewed should be handled especially carefully so that the rear door handle does not need to be replaced.

    We will show you how to replace the outside door handle on Lada Kalina and Lada Granta cars. I think many owners have encountered this problem: the front doors open from the outside without any problems, but to open the rear doors, you have to put in at least twice as much effort to get the lock to work. You have to pull the handle very hard, as a result the mechanism does not hold up and the metal tongue breaks off on the inside. In such cases, the entire handle assembly is usually replaced.

    In our case, after removing the door card, the following detail was found:

    This is the same metal “tongue” that sets the door lock rod in motion. From the inside, unscrew one nut 8:

    Now the handle can be removed from the outside, one part of it can be removed without problems, but the second part will require a little fiddling. A new pen costs around 300 rubles, which is not so expensive that you have to bother with repairing the old one.

    When the new handle sits in place, but is not secured. it is necessary to move it as far as possible towards the rear of the car, i.e. back so that the tongue, which was broken off, would engage with the door lock mechanism. In this position, you need to check how the door opens; if everything is fine, screw the handle.

    Replacing the larva

    Once the core is removed from the metal box, it is important to ensure that there is no contamination or deformation inside. If this is the case, then the lock will have to be replaced completely. A new core is inserted, and then reassembled:

    1. The spring is put in place.
    2. Traction is connected. The nuts are tightened with a wrench.
    3. Electronics are being connected: power windows, side view mirror.
    4. The door card is returned to its place and secured with clips.
    5. The handle is screwed on and the plug is installed.

    It is important to ensure that the front shutter position switch along with the wiring harness connector is connected correctly.

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